About us!

Meet us!

Piper's Closet was established August 4th 2020 by me; Mikaela Woods. A mama to one girl named, you guessed it, Piper! Piper's Closet was merged from a few ideas. Piper became semi-viral on Tik Tok, she was 6 months old and was picking out her own outfits. Her most viral video has well over 2 million views. With that came many, many comments about starting a clothing line. Mixed with the fact it's very hard to find trendy & affordable clothing here in Canada. Piper's Closet is currently ran out of our garage turned warehouse. Our little family has pumped out over 2000 orders in just a few short months. 

About Piper's Closet products & where they come from!

Our items are a mix of imported goods, made by other shops & some are even handmade by me! We import goods from all over, most of our items are manufactured in Zhejiang China.

Zhejiang is an eastern, coastal province of the People's Republic of China. Its capital and largest city is Hangzhou. Zhejiang is bordered by Jiangsu and Shanghai to the north. Zhejiang has grown to be considered one of China's wealthiest provinces, ranking fourth in GDP nationally. 

Here are some photo's of our manufacturing facility!

Although we outsource a lot of our items to keep our costs low and inventory high, we are dedicated to ethical practices. We currently wholesale from a few Canadian companies as well as companies from the United States! 

We are also dedicated to helping the planet. We understand the impact that the clothing industry has on the planet, we try our hardest to be as eco-friendly as possible. We use eco friendly mailer bags (full transparency, not 100% of the time but that is our next big plan!) Also when you place an order we give some of that back to plant trees and help offset your carbon footprint ! All items shipped to us come in plastic bags and we recycle them so you don't have to ! We also will limit the amount of tags with your orders to help reduce waste. When making products, we often re-use scraps or even thrift for fabrics. 

Initiatives you’re supporting with Offset (by Shopify)

Your contributions are currently funding the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest. Approximately 350 trees have been planted due to shipping with Piper's Closet!


Did you know that we donate monthly to different charities ? 

To date, we have donated over $1000 to various organizations like, Pink shirt day, The Black Youth Helpline, The Legacy of Hope Foundation, PFlag, The Indian Residential School Survivor Society & THORN. We hope to quadruple that each year and expand our reach !

We use recyclable & reusable mailers to help reduce waste.  

Not only do we use eco conscious mailers, we re-use boxes & other shipping materials as well as re-use scraps of fabric for items such as bows, socks & headbands !

Our long term plan !

Going forward we are hoping to expand worldwide. We would love to have a manufacturing facility here in Canada and employ Canadians, use all Canadian materials & support more Canadian businesses. We would ultimately love to own a store front, however with the current state of the world, that is seeming more and more like a dream that will not come true. 

Thank you for supporting our dream. Every order you make, we do a happy dance.