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The Harvest Candle

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These hand poured candles are unique in every way. Once the wax is all used up simply add wax sand and place new wicks in to keep this dough bowl forever burning.

This candle comes in both a 6 wick and 10 wick size.

“Home-made bread, warm crust, salty pretzel finish.

Disclaimer!!! Each dough bowl is unique as they are hand carved which of course means they are all different and come in different sizes. Unfortunately, I cannot let everyone pick their own but i promise you will love yours! We try our very best to be sure that they are no leaks but if one does occur you can plug the hole using wood filler, glue, or a piece of tape. We recommend if this happens to burn your candle on top of a surface that is safe from damage. All wicks have to be lit at once and burn for no more than 3-4 hours at a time. First, burn until the wax is wet across the entire top may take 4 hours. Please try to understand that these pieces are more finicky and work than a typical candle. These are a statement and a piece of home decor! So much more than your average candle.” - The Dusty Sparrow 

Dimensions vary slightly:

6 wick: 9.75”x 2”

10 wick: 19.5”x 2”