mik is such an accommodating shop owner, time and time again she proves that she truly just wants the best for her customers and you honestly can’t get better than her. incredible clothing aside (which is honestly 80% of my daughters wardrobe at this point) she’s definitely the reason i keep shopping and will continue to shop from pipers closet. the passion and heart she puts into her shop and the values she holds make it a no brainer when deciding what businesses i want to support.

Nakita faye

Every item from Pipers Closet that we have ordered have been amazing & great quality. The brand is so inclusive to all and we have been amazed by them wanting to share different peoples stories. No other shop can be compared to Pipers Closet!

Anik Bray

Our orders have always come quickly and in cute mailers! The customer service is great and speedy responses are always given. I love placing an order on drop day and the anticipation waiting for our order to come in is fun. The clothes are also gender neutral which is hard to find in a small shop! Rakai can wear most things that are released snd there’s a wide variety of colours to choose from.

Kayira Walker

We have been a strong supporter to PC since they opened in the summer. All the items are amazing quality. No matter how small the item is Mikaela treats it like its a crystal ball worth thousands. She is very honest and transparent with everything. She brings new items in that haven't been overly done or done at all. I love how it's so in exclusive to everyone, gender, size, disability, race. With PC items my daughter is staying fashionable at an affordable cost. We haven't had any disappointment with any item, shipping, cost, or just over all experience (minus items selling so fast before we can get one! Lol) We love how PC collabs with other small shops that we love or haven't had the chance to buy from yet. I recommend PC to anyone who askes or likes what my daughter has on. We will continue to support and shop at PC until either my daughter doesn't fit in the stuff or Mikaela closes doors (but don't do that!) Thank you for all your hard work!

Jolene Bannerman

Piper’s Closet is the brand modern parents have been waiting for. You can tell Mikaela has spent so much time handpicking each piece in her shop. The quality is unbeatable, the prices are fantastic, and the style speaks for itself! Mikaela is a fantastic shop keeper who answers any and all questions, and she goes above and beyond to make each order personalized - a small shop bonus! My family has become a lifetime supporter of Piper’s Closet, and after you get your first purchase you will too.

Jess Hendriks

I was so excited my daughter was selected to be a brand rep for Piper’s Closet during its launch this Summer. Mikaela and Piper have the cutest style, it’s no wonder that they have amassed such a large following and the launch of their boutique will surely be a success . I really appreciate the time and care that has been put into selecting a wide array of clothing and accessories but also their efforts to be environmentally friendly with their packaging and choice of labels. Our PR box was so charming, from the hand selected pieces for my daughter to the warm touches like the hand written thank you note. We are so thrilled to be a part of the launch of Piper’s Closet and can’t wait to see what exciting pieces arrive next!

Samantha Bartley

First off let me say , customer service is amazing ! Shipping was real fast and the personal letter was just the sweetest, the quality of the clothing is real good and washed amazing , even after my son got cake all over it from his cake smash ! I can not thank pipers closet enough for the service ! Will definitely be purchasing again 

Sheerin Majid

Im a mom on a budget and I love dressing my daughter in stylish clothes that won’t break the bank (even chain retail stores are too pricey for me ) I’m so glad pipers closet is local to me so not only am I supporting my community, I’m also getting my clothes quickly without spending a fortune ! I’m in love with the leopard print set on my 17 month old, the sizing is so great for my daughter who is on the tall side. My favourite is that there’s no tags to scratch or bother her neck and the material is sooo soft! 10/10 will be ordering more.

Summer Dube

I have always been that mom to buy used clothes for my child because it was either cheaper then buying new, or I just never really liked the clothes that was sold in stores as It all looks the same to me. When I saw the items and the prices in pipers closet I was actually shocked. The prices are so AFFORDABLE and amazing quality! The clothing also isn’t like the other clothes you can just find at any store. I love the uniqueness, the quality and just overall everything. I can’t wait to see what other boys clothes will be added to the shop! My new favourite boutique.

Dakota Tenbrinke

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